Ejaculation massage


Special erotic “Nuru” sexual massage offer in Barcelona

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What is ejaculation massage?

Everybody knows what “ejaculation” means. The good news is that ejaculating does not mean you are being untrue to your partner. Ejaculation by itself is not cheating.

How many times have you jerked-off without your partner knowing you did. Did you feel guilty or as a cheater? Of course not, though this is a very personal issue. Everybody knows how to handle his personal stuff and each and every couple has their specific agreements. Also on this subject.

Who needs ejaculation massage?

Ejaculation massage is a useful therapy service for each and every person. It doesn’t matter if you are a straight or gay man or lady.  This service for your body pleasure and mental peace is the right therapy for you if you wish to enjoy some very intimate pleasure without feeling guilty or sinful.

How do we do it?

We have combined different techniques from several massage disciplines. Tantra massage, Thai massage, hawaiïan Lomi-lomi and other oriental techniques. But only the most pleasing grips, the softest strokes, the most intimate, sweet and caring. Because this massage will be a pampering moment for you.

What is “lingam massage”?

“Lingam” is the sanscrit word for “penis”. Ancient Tantra disciplines describe the use of a quite large amount of penis massage techniques. All of our massage ladies are trained in these techniques and will perform them on you. It is something blissful, very exciting.

Some call it “milking” but we prefer it the other way around. The way we do it starts very sweet, soft, and with a slow, intriguing and sexy pace. Pace gradually follows your excitement. Until you reach an amazing and abundant ejaculation.

Enjoy our service. This is true quality time and you know you deserve it.

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250 € NOW 230 €

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